We at Hunc-Ven Limited are committed to providing the best possible service to you, our clients, where we can give you the confidence that your project, no matter how big or small, is being carried out by a reputable building and construction company you can trust. We have gained a reputation for creating and completing high quality infrastructure projects.

We strive to surpass the expectation of our clients by ensuring that the quality of work that you delivered on completion of your building or construction project gives you the security that you desire. We assure you that you will receive an excellent execution of your project on completion, value for money and peace of mind. Our integrity is your peace of mind!

We at Hunc-Ven Limited assure you of our uniqueness in our profession, in that we also offer a defect liability period on request against any works carried out by Hunc-Ven Limited. Our clients include businesses and home-owners in the Lekki Peninsula, Ikoyi, Abuja and some Oil and Gas Companies.

If you feel that we could be of some assistance in your present or future domestic or commercial building or construction project, no matter how big or small, please contact us.

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June 24

Properties of Polycarbonates/Danpalon

  • High Durability:Polycarbonate plastic is an extremely durable material|more