Complete customer satisfaction is always our goal at Hunc-Ven Limited. We pride ourselves in doing everything we can to go above and beyond for our distributors and customers.

Hunc-Ven Limited has been perfecting and advancing the art of Decorative Concrete finishes with each of its product lines. From coloring, texturing, sealing, staining and stamping, each complete line of innovative products is developed with the same exacting standards, no detail is overlooked.

Our visibility in the design community is ever growing. Our many years of experience in the field as installers provide a credible basis for architects and specifiers to rely on our technical data and consultations. We are pleased to be a Registered Provider of this service.

Opportunities in the industry seem boundless. Hunc-Ven Limited is growing with the help of its talented and successful customers. We respect and value that partnership. We look forward to our continued relationship with your business.

Hunc-Ven Limited is the Nigeria’s leading installer of architectural concrete coloring, texture and performance system.

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June 24

Properties of Polycarbonates/Danpalon

  • High Durability:Polycarbonate plastic is an extremely durable material|more